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Ice skates with a replaceable skid Spokey FEAT 4in1
Ice skating effects

When ice skating, your whole body works – in order to maintain the balance, you must use both your legs and hands – so you strengthen shoulders, arms and hands. Moreover, you will strengthen and shape your belly, legs and buttocks. Ice skating will not only improve your physical conditions, but it will also benefit your coordination of movements, your well-being and immunity.

Contraindications for ice skating are diseases of knees and spine.

Ice skates with a replaceable skid

This is a very practical equipment for skating lovers, who after the end of the winter season transformed them into classic rollers. After the replacement of the winter skid on wheels, your winter equipment is ready to go on skateparks or roller tracks.

Model Spokey Feat 4in1


We put high demands on our equipment, so we make every effort to use the highest quality materials in its production.


Thanks to a combination of textile materials and composite, the shoe provides the user with full comfort without losing stiffness.


They are characterized by a smooth adjustment of the size, which enables to adjust an appropriate length of the shoe to the foot. It is particularly recommended for children, who can use the equipment for more than half of a year thanks to this solution


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