A 6.0 SBP Stick (Int)

Artikelnummer: A6.0SBP18INT
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The all-new 2018 A6.0 SBP stick is the strongest, most consistent stick to hit the TRUE roster. With its new and improved BRT+ blade technology, weight has been redistributed throughout the stick’s shaft for extreme impact strength and overall durability.

When it comes to sticks, lighter doesn’t necessarily mean better. TRUE has mastered the science of Swing Weight which is not directly related to the weight of a stick, but rather how the weight of the stick feels during play. A stick with balanced weight distribution creates a lighter feel, better durability, and quicker more powerful shots.

This, combined with TRUE’s signature Axenic and SmartFlex Technology produces a playing experience with unmatched strength, balance, and power.

Player Profile: True's A6.0 was made for the NHL elite player all the way down to house league players. This is the all around pro stick designed for the player looking for unmatched raw power, balance and strength.
Kick Point / Flex Profile: Smartflex technology - Mid to Low Kick
Shaft Construction: Axenic technology combined with SmartPly technology and SmartFlex technology
Shaft Geometry: Traditional with concave walls
Shaft Coating: Light matte grip
Shaft Taper: Slight, Gradual
Blade Core: Foam core with BRT Technology. Seamless braided tubes located at the center and bottom of the blade
Blade Wrap: 100% Full 3k carbon twill weave
Blade Coating: Matte finish
Stick Used for Measurement: TC2 85
Average Weight (gm): 385
Average Weight (oz): 14.1
Actual length (in): 58"
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