Heelys store in Amsterdam

SkateDokter has a wide range of Heelys for you. :)

Would you like to try & buy your Heelys in a real store with bricks in Amsterdam? The wildly popular (role) shoes are available at the shop SkateDokter in Amsterdam-West.

In our store in “De Baarsjes” in Amsterdam, we have various models and sizes Heelys (Wheelys) available for boys and girls. Our range is large compared to others, and will soon be expanded even further.
It is better to fit the shoes in the store than to buy them over the internet to the blind. For all models have different fits and styles.
Moreover, you get an (passionate) advice of Ron, owner of the Heelys dealer in the Jan van Galenstraat 161 | 1056 BR | Amsterdam.

The Heelys roller shoes can roll both in a walking position or a little on your forefoot, because the wheels protrude slightly. If you want to walk a longer track, you can click the casters from the sole or inward folding, depending on make and model.
The shoes are available in our store in Amsterdam in both high and low models, in fashionable prints, laces, Velcro, you name it.
These are seriously cool sneakers with trendy colors! The price varies, but averages between 60 and 80 Euros.

Got questions about Heelys shoes with wheels? Please contact us. Or rather, visit our shop in Amsterdam-West. Our shop is on the border of Bos en Lommer and De Baarsjes.