Nexus 2N Pro Stick (Int)

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2N PRO Stick


The all new NEXUS 2N PRO is our most versatile stick created to give you an edge in any situation. With our exclusive Sweet-Spot technology, this stick is designed for an effortless release and is combined with the new R-LTE blade system, our most popular NHL blade core. Combine those technologies with our new DuraFlex resin system, allowing you to lean more into your shot without hesitation, making the game easier than ever before.

Features: Monocomp technology | NEXUS mid-kick flex profile with Sweet-Spot-Technology
Shaft Construction/Technology: DuraFlex resin system (55 flex and above only) | Control Shaft Geometry | TeXtreme® construction | Easy Load Taper technology
Blade Construction/Technology: eLASTech blade (55 flex and above only) | R-LITE Blade System | ACL blade technology | Pure Shot blade profile
Shaft Shape:
Shaft Taper:
Grip Options:
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