NSX Bodyprotector (SR)

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The Bauer NSX Shoulder Pads were built for the recreational or new-to-hockey player looking for good protection and comfort at an affordable price. Bauer beefed up protection in key areas such as the sternum and spine with heavy-duty plastic inserts that do a great job of absorbing impact energy. 

Bauer also used molded plastic as the base of the low-profile shoulder caps and the adjustable bicep guards. These are all topped and lined with medium-density foams to provide a comfortable feel and additional protection. The foam on the back panel is unique with its vented design, which promotes consistent airflow without sacrificing coverage or protection. 

The NSX's shoulder caps provide a great range of motion thanks to the Free Flex Technology, truly a standout feature at this price. Unlike some of the competition, the shoulder caps and bicep guards can move independently of the body of the shoulder pad since they attach to each other with nylon straps instead of being sewn together. 

Shoulder Cap: ◦Low-profile, molded plastic with medium-density foam base and top |◾Attaches to the body of the shoulder pad with nylon straps for free-floating mobility
Front Side Panels: One-piece with Molded HD Resin Matrix Sternum Guard | ◾Sternum shell provides excellent protection for a vital part of the chest | ◾Medium-density foam base balances protection with mobility
Back Kidney Panels: One-piece Vented Construction | ◾Higher-density foam spine backed by plastic inserts for high-end protection |◾Surrounded by perforated mid-density foams for excellent airflow
Bicep Guard: ◦Molded and adjustable one-piece plastic topped with medium-density foam | ◾Adjustability allows players to tailor their bicep guards for the perfect fit
Belly Pad:
Overall Fit: Tapered Fit | ◾The fit narrows toward the abdomen, providing excellent coverage and protection without sacrificing mobility or responsiveness
Arm Strap:
Base Body:
Liner: Hydrophobic Mesh | ◾Helps to wick away moisture to keep gear dry and lightweight | Padded comfort foam collar
Shoulder Wings:
Shoulder Cap:
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