Super Tacks AS1 Pro Bodyprotector (SR)

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Super Tacks AS1 Shoulder Pads
The all new Super Tacks AS1 shoulder pad was designed to give elite players the protection, customizability, and comfort they need to perform at the highest levels. The AS1 line combines JDP technology, D3O smart material and a number of adjustment options to make this CCM’s most protective and customizable line to date.

Construction: Anatomical 3D design and construction prevents pads from lifting so protection to stays close to the body with length adjustable straps allows for a perfect fit.
Caps: Lightweight pro level protection reinforced with D3O® impact and shock absorption technology.
Torso: Excellent kidney coverage and removable belly pad for added protection, comfort, and fit.
Biceps: 2-piece floating bicep with custom adjustment. Custom fit for comfort and fit with pro level protection.
Sternum: Premium HD foam combined with D3O® impact and shock absorption technology for elite sternum protection.
Clavicle: Pro level of protection and comfort with D3O® impact and shock absorption technology.
Liner: Designed for maximum air flow and mobility to keep the player dry, cool, and keep the product lightweight.
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