Tempish Blax Top

Artikelnummer: 1000051
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
Levertijd: 1-2 werkdagen

Fitness in-line skate for more demanding and skilled skaters.
This skate is equipped with the latest trends and it is currently one of the very best fitness skates on the market:
High-quality TEMPISH RADICAL wheels 110mm
Chassis is transversely adjustable and very strong, but significantly light - designed for 3 wheels
The lower skeleton structure is designed for more experienced skaters and for longer distances
Two-layer liner is very stiff and comfortable
Convenient and fast tightening thanks to the “Lacing system” with the central knob
Instep strap and upper metal buckle for firm foot tightening to the skeleton
The skate is also equipped with safety reflective components
Skating on the skates BLAX TOP is fast but not that exhausting (mostly thanks to the high-quality wheels, very precise bearings and comfortable boot). On top of that, the skates are easy to handle because of the optimal size of the three-wheeled chassis.
Axles with thread for chassis diameter 8mm.

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