XC9 Bodyprotector Pro (JR)

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Brand new to the protective hockey world are True Hockey’s XC9 Senior Shoulder Pads. These shoulder pads look to make a name for themselves by offering players great comfort and superior protection!
The XC9 Shoulder Pads provide players with a high-level of protection thanks to the strategically placed, compressed EVA foams within the sensitive areas like around the ribcage, the biceps, lower back, and along the collarbone regions. These foams go a good job of protecting players from the force of direct impacts such as blocked shots and stick checks.
Paired with the EVA foam throughout the XC9 Shoulder Pads are the PE/EVCA infused shoulder caps. This padding provides players with great protection by dispersing the force of bigger impacts like body checks and contact with the boards.
Helping give the XC9 Shoulder Pads a comfortable, close to the body fit is the innovative adjustability strapping. Featured in the clavicle areas, shoulder caps, torso, and bicep pads, this strapping system allows players to customize how the pads fit. Not only does this enhance overall comfort, but it enhances protection as well.
Moving to the interior of the XC9 Shoulder Pads, they feature a moisture wicking liner that helps keep players dry, comfortable, and lightweight throughout usage. Additionally, this liner helps the pads dry out faster, so they are ready to go for your next practice or game.
Built with protection, comfort, and adjustability in mind, the True Hockey XC9 Senior Shoulder Pads are a great option for players of any skill level!

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