AX3 Stick (SR)

Artikelnummer: AX3S2020
Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad
Levertijd: 2-3 werkdagen

The True AX3 Senior Ice Hockey Stick offers good performance for players looking for a quick shot release while remaining budget friendly.
Like the category-leading AX9, the True AX3 Hockey Stick features True’s redefined optimized low-kick profile at the bottom third of the shaft. This allows players to get the puck off the blade of their stick, and into the net, faster and easier than ever before!
Onto the construction, True AX3 Hockey Stick utilizes True’s Axenic technology, which is a molding process that eliminates any voids within the shaft of the stick. The result is a true one-piece design, thus giving players a consistently balanced stick.
The Axenic Technology within the True AX3 Hockey Stick is paired with SmartPly Technology. This incorporates 25 redistributed layers of carbon fiber on the interior of the shaft, helping decrease overall weight, all while increasing shaft durability. Not only does this increase the longevity of the stick, it also creates a balanced swing weight during shooting.
Moving to the blade of the True AX3 Hockey Stick, True went with their BRT+ blade technology. For this newest iteration, they have improved on it even further than its predecessor. Braided tubes within the blade have been further extended into the heel, giving players superior feel and control of the puck, along with an added layer of durability.
The True AX3 Senior Ice Hockey Stick is a great option for players who love to utilize quick wrist shots and snap shots. And weighing it at just 464 grams, the AX3 Hockey Stick can provide players with great all-around performance without breaking the bank!
The True AX3 Senior Ice Hockey Stick is 59 inches in length.

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