J One Ice Boy

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Conceived for kids to have fun on ice.
Full safety and immediate comfort for all day ice sessions.
An all skills compromise is off ered by J-One Ice HR.
Composite shell/cuff structure studied to guarantee optimum lateral support and forward flex.
Hockey oriented Stainless Steel blade with sand polish treatment.
Secure closure thanks to the double Safety Buckle system and padded velvet lining for enhanced comfort feeling.
Tongue loop for easy step-in The right choice for a fun winter experience.

Blade: Stainless Steel sand polished hockey blade. 53 - 55 HRC, 3,5 mm thick.
Structure: Lighweight, supportive shell/cuff moulded structure. High cut boot.
Closure: Double Safety Buckle Closure.
Lining: Padded velvet lining.
Color: Black/blue
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