warrior xl pro borst berscherming

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The Warrior Alpha LX Pro Shoulder Pad is built with a new low-profile cap design but with added coverage front side to side and front to back. It also utilizes Warrior's Impax Foam to give players elite-level impact protection while maintaining maximum performance and mobility.

Impax Foam makes its way into both the sternum and torso panels too, adding that elite-level coverage and protection to the front of the body. Additionally, Warrior extended the torso protection to give players more coverage than found in previous generations.

A mix of different foam densities on the rear panels and spine work to keep players safe from impacts while keeping protection lightweight. Built into the construction is Warrior's Fantom Stretch, a design that connects the rear panels together but in a way that increases mobility for a more natural contoured fit.

Another improvement in mobility is the two-piece floating bicep guard. Constructed with length adjustability to seal the gap between the elbow pad, the lower bicep portion floats up and down to move quickly with the player without ever leaving a gap in protection.

Finally, the WarTech FNC liner works all game long to keep players dry by quickly and efficiently managing sweat and moisture. Powered by Polgyiene Technology, the liner keeps working after games too by inhibiting the growth of bacteria caused by sweat and moisture.

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